The Right Trailer for Your Specific Load

With more than a decade of experience in the trucking industry, Papenfuss Trucking specializes in flatbed and step deck hauling, and is prepared to transport nearly anything you need shipped ─including oversized loads─ anywhere in the lower 48. Our fleet is equipped to handle all of your needs.


Flatbed trailers don’t have sides or a roof, and they are often used for shipments that won’t fit another trailer due to size or loading requirements. Heavy, nonperishable items that are neither fragile nor vulnerable to moisture make up the typical flatbed load (construction equipment, lumber, steel, machinery, etc.). Flatbeds are quick and easy to load and unload.

Step Decks

Step deck trailers are similar to flatbeds, but with two deck levels. They can haul pretty much the same types of freight as a flatbed trailer, but because they can haul a higher load, they don’t require permit. These typically have ramps for unloading or may be unloaded via forklift.


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